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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Boy

Back in January '09 an old friend of mine, Dave Barratt, set himself the ridiculous task of covering all 185 Beatles songs with the UKELELE being the common thematic element to each rendition. (If you knew Dave, you wouldn't ask)
He aims to complete this Pyrrhic task by July 31, 2012. (The eve of the London Olympics. He's English you know... Again, don't ask) He has one other quite strict, quite stringent, some would even say, "ridiculously inflexible" rule...Each song is to be covered by a different artist each time. In other words, no matter how much of a Beatle FREAK an "old friend" might be....ONE CRACK at "Beatles with ukelele cover song glory" is all that would be allowed. ("lest chaos reigns" one assumes...He is English after all)

Unsatisfied with my single rushed turn at "Cry Baby Cry" (no link! Google it yourself if you must) and unwilling to merely produce a version of "This Boy" for Dave's "old school chum, Bertie", I instead added a vocal to my R&B know, for "fun".... 
I've never done anything like this before but I'd been listening to a lot of stuff like THIS prior to the attempt.
Here is the result of my spurned effort...
And for any gearheads who may stumble onto this post....Vocals recorded with an Aphex 460 tube mic run through a GAP pre-73 (Chinese "Neve 1073" knock-off which i now use on basically any analog thing going in to Logic (Apogee Duet)
I used Puremagnetik's Purple Kit for the drums (which, if you like retro Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Pop or ANYTHING you MUST buy!!-It's only 12$ !!-and no, i am NOT affiliated).
I also used Project Sam's Orchestral Brass, Symphobia for Strings. AND, to keep SOME of that Beatles vibe...a Hofner Bass.

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