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Saturday, July 23, 2011

There Is A Reason For Everything

"There Is A Reason For Everything" is one of my favorites on "Songs Of The Great Depression". It too has a 70's vibe and is meant as a statement of Hope.
I've personally found that even the darkest moments of my life have led, step by step, into an inevitable blessing or revelation of some kind...That if i could go back in time to remove one horrible thing the blessing too, disappears...
So I tend to accept what comes...
I do believe that Free Will can be achieved through superhuman effort but for the most part I believe that we are creatures of Fate and the Inclinations we are born with.
My mom was a juvenile police officer, often dealing with abused or abandoned kids.
More than once one of those small ones would ask her "will you be my mommy?"
I was fortunate enough to have her for mine....

Some believe in money
Me I think it's funny
wondering where the money went

Some have superstitions
others make predictions
some believe in accidents

But there is a reason for everything...
for why the winter comes just before the Spring...
There is a reason for everything...
and i wouldn't lie to you for anything...
no, i wouldn't lie to you for anything.

Why must children suffer?
Is it so they will be tougher?
I remember mama said...
"maybe where things fall apart is trying to fix their
broken hearts with ideas from the head"

But there is a reason for everything
You wonder why the sky is high until you've seen
1000 birds take wing...
There is a reason for everything

Listen to your heart for the answering.
All will be revealed on the day of reckoning.

Tumbling in the dark
Trying to find a spark
when dreams are all that we command

Starting from a seed
Faith is what you need
to believe in things you don't understand.

There is a reason for everything....

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