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Friday, July 8, 2011

Paradigm Shift

"Paradigm Shift" is another from SOTGD. I was still in the process of rounding out the album thematically when I went to jam with a buddy, Paul Gagliardi, and a couple of his other friends one saturday.
Paul likes to freestyle lyrics at the mic and while i was playing these chords underneath Paul eventually latched onto a typically brilliant non-sequitor, "You can't have love without... law and order"...
Bingo. A toss-off for Paul (he wanted to change it), I told him that it ranked up there with Oscar Wilde or Orwell.
What does any government tell its people in the waning days of empire?

"For your protection, for your own good, we must now institute x,y,z..."
The title is Paul's as well, pulled out of the amerikan ether (if you haven't read/heard the news the last 3 years and not heard "Paradigm Shift" ad nauseum you just might have been living in a cave...So with the title, the phrase and the chords off i went to finish it....
To me it sounds a bit like Rockpile or a poppier version of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Your impressions, like your mileage, may vary...
Trivia: the last verse is comprised of Jimmy Cliff song titles for the most part...Pretty subtle eh?

i am just a working stiff 
i pull 8 hours then i smoke a spliff 
but i feel uneasy and cast adrift 
I'm going thru a paradigm shift 

paradigm shift paradigm shift 
i'd rather be like jimmy cliff 
i'm never apathetic i'm completely miffed 
i'm going thru a paradigm shift 

the country's broke and my job is a joke 
i'm watching it all go up in smoke 
my dad's laid off my mom got stiffed 
we're going thru a paradigm shift 

paradigm shift paradigm shift 
it's hammer time it's a heavy lift 
i'd give you the answer but i haven't the gift 
we're going thru…a paradigm shift 

the harder they come the harder they can 
the hypocrites number 1 rip-off man 
The good old days were such a gift 
i hope you're prepared for the paradigm shift 

Paradigm Shift Paradigm Shift 
pick a side in the National Rift 
from out of nowhere it came so swift 
Look out here comes the paradigm shift 
paradigm shift, paradigm shifts 
we're going thru a paradigm shift 

Because you can't have love, 
You can't have love, 
you can't have love without law and order....

By the way, the latest Non Farm Payroll numbers came out today....
18,000 jobs "added"
Economic "SoftPatch™" my ass......

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