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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Keep Your Lovin' Kind

2nd 1st post ;)
Just finished a new song. "Keep Your Lovin' Kind".
Felt like doing an old 1970's, elton john, "tumbleweeds connection" sort of thing for some reason and this is what emerged.
It came out so well that i appended it to "Songs Of The Great Depression". It just seems to "fit". (Not that any of the songs on SOTGD really "fit" together. My propensity for genre hopping remains intact!)

I may be an indie/art rocker underneath it all but i LIKE Elton's early stuff, especially the things he wrote back when he sang about girls in a similar holy manner to Paul Simon, (who also had a thing for sweet art girls.... "What a dream i had, pressed in organdy, clothed in crinoline of smoky burgundy, softer than the rain...") Early Elton relied on the beatific, bourgeois urban/cowboy poetry of Bernie Taupin. I think I matched Bernie here. Now, i'm not saying it's as "sweet" as "Tiny Dancer/For Emily" was written after a fight with the wife after whit:

Wonder woman was a girl who tried to love me
Lady Catherine was another friend of mine
but i'll never keep your picture in my box of valentines
if you keep your lovin' kind

You're behavin' like a lady wearing colors
in a lusty hall of mirrors for the blind
I would treat you like a banker
& forgive your every crime
if you'd find a way to keep your lovin kind

& i'll watch the road come rising beside you
until our drivin' days are done...

there are memories that i've burned into the ceiling
of some of the angels that keep rollin' in my mind
But I've forgotten how they shined
i will leave that all behind
if you find a way to keep your lovin kind

I'm ready to live between the lines
if you find a way to keep your lovin kind.

Elton, like Sir Jagger, was inexplicably fond of american country music infused vocal inflections at the time..... so here they are for "lovin' kind".... Can a VT knighthood be far behind? ;)

To help achieve that old vintage 70's pop sound I used a
Waves Aphex Aural Exciter and the MPX master tape on the master buss.
Any other questions on the recording feel free to ask in the comments.

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