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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crushed By A Flower

I've taken a turn into folk music as a result of reconnecting with an old friend from high school, Chris Styles.
As we parted ways, a 100 years ago, he was playing traditional celtic music on a Cittern, a beautiful chiming octave MANdolin thing, evocative and rich sounding....
We're both rusty in folk, Chris and I, but listen to what we've done. I think it's amazing.
The lyrics were inspired by my daughter's leaving for school. I felt so wistful...
Anyway, here it is..."Crushed By A Flower"
A haunting Neo-Folk love song with a Nick Drake feel, featuring Irish Cittern and uilleann pipes.

I lay asleep in a field... 
and awoke to the first drops of rain on my lips like a prayer
with the clouds marching off in their columns to heaven
if I could, i would gladly have followed them there
From their ranks streaked with red --I was turned in mid-air
and the last thing i recall was the smell of her hair
I was crushed by a flower
the beauty and the power
in the hour of remembering our love
yes, I was crushed by a flower
the sweetness and the sour
what remains is the girl and the April shower.
and i have shaken off blows-
that i know would have taken a hundred other men down.
but when the winter comes a prisoner's eye,
any color in the yard takes a man to the ground