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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Permanent Plan "B"

What can i say about "Permanent Plan "B"?
It's the weirdest song on SOTGD. It's a weird song for weird times.
I once read a piece on Little Richard that claimed "wop bop a loo bop ba lop bam boom" was LR exploding into sheer abstraction at the frustration of being a gay black man in '50's America....I think that's what happened here a bit...
"Plan B" started off with a Gary Glitter beat and soon found me channeling Thin Lizzy as I free-styled lyrically through the 1st drafts... Why?
I never liked TL before. I always thought of them as the masters of "Lunkhead" rock, the soundtrack of Joe 12 pack's clueless pastimes....
I guess I just wanted something decadent and annoying to go along with...

She's coming around here
Hell's rabbits on her trail
built like a parasite
jacked up and ready to fail
Into the fires of hell
permanent plan "B"
and if she want my love then she got to give it to me.
ye-ah eah ehh
She like a rubic's cube
reality tv star
sucks like a vampire
whatever you eat you are
plannin' to ram me
urban renewal
she's in a panic the titanic
ready to sail

He's the man who has the plan- belongs to you and me
let's call for superman sailing on the sea
(alt. swimming in the sea)
he's the fuzz we need because amerika is free
little bunny foo foo sitting in the tree

Soul sister 'lectro shock
coiled like a cobra snake
drinkin' the hem-lock down
stuffed in an easy bake
reminds me of somebody else...
Anthony Newley 
asking me "hey what's up"?
drivin' to school-ay

There is no Superman of course who can save our ship of State. Even prez George W. Numbnuts got near the truth of it when he infamously said "This sucker could go down" in '08. The time span between Amerika's self-proclaimed primacy in the world as the planet's sole "hyperpower" and the current political clown show over simply raising the debt ceiling yet again (It WILL be raised by the way) has been brief and speaks to the absurdity of our National predicaments.
There's no two ways about it, America is a country crumbling under the weight of its own bullshit and short-sighted mendacity.
Most people who've heard "PPB" say "Queen" when they do...That's the "Vaughn Trapp Family Singers" singing on the choruses there...My wife, myself, my teenage daughter and my 4 year old son, triple stacked and autotuned for your listening (dis?) pleasure?
The kids like it... and I do too.

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