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Monday, July 4, 2011

Let's Be Good

"Let's Be Good" is the first song that kicked off SOTGD...I've always loved Badfinger and had recently bought an Epiphone Sheraton hollowbody which inspired me to write something in a Powerpop vein....

I never bought into the heavily marketed "Transgressive" side of modern Amerikan pop culture: the mainstreaming of porn, the ubiquitous tattoos, the celebration of thug life and SELF, grillz, rimz, cage fighting, "Reality" TV, TV in general, ride pimping, country invading, prisoner get the idea....During W's 8 year reign of error i felt like a very strange stranger in a very strange land...
Then along comes Obama (i used to be a Dem) and for about 5 minutes I thought "maybe this guy will clean house" and take us out of the nasty, W. induced Pottersville that America had become. (god knows we need(ed) it)
Instead, O picked Wall Street made men for his economic team and I KNEW that the guy was just another figurehead for Amerika Inc.™
He has not disappointed my disappointment with him in these last 2 1/2 years.
Wall Street bailed out on Main Street's back, 2+ bullshit wars, the renewal of the disgusting "Patriot Act" (happy 4th by the way everybody...;( and the constant calculated "caving" in to Corporate demands. (Like all politicians, look at the what the man does folks, pay no attention to what he says)
"Let's Be Good" was written as a false anthem of the Hope and Change™ that I knew would not be forthcoming.
It is a power pop anthem of sweetness and light for a very dark age.

Everywhere you look On the tv, in a book, On the world wide web 
Seems there's trouble all around Everybody wears a frown 
Stacked on top of one another just like Abu Ghraib 
But spring is where you are If you wish upon a star You can laugh again 
Then all you have to do is pretend that I love you 
while pretending you love me 

Let's be good Let's be careful Lets be sweet Let's be cheerful 
And together we can fake it together we can make it now 
Let's be kind Let's be loving Let's not fight Please stop shoving 
And together we can make it.....All together now. 

Are you decadent and cruel? 
Do you break the golden rule every chance you get? 
We have problems understood, just once gimme something good 
I don't care whether it's real if i can see you smile again 
Put a smile on someone's face try to win the human race and begin again 
Are we running out of time? Then just put your hand in mine 
and we can make it to the end 
Let's be good Let's be careful Lets be sweet Let's be cheerful 
And together we can fake it, together we can make it now 
Let's be simple Let's be free Let's be honest sing with me yea 
Yes and together we can make it  all together now. 
All together now...All together now. 
Let's be good-- All together now

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