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Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Hypnotized" is not an official SOTGD entry but it continues the theme.
I've always been into original (& "neo") soul & R&B songs and arrangements, and I wanted to write something else in that vein.
"Hypnotized' is a good companion piece to "There Is A Reason For Everything".
I end up with hybrid music, true "blue eyed soul". (Well, my eyes ARE blue after all)
I had the chorus chords 1st and, soon after, the verse melody line (which i could hear soldiers singing for some reason). The whole thing came together in about a half hour (which is a good sign for a song's chances to become memorable imho) and I kept the arrangement pretty simple: Drum loop, my Voxton Hollowbody Bass (for which I tried to copy Serge Gainsbourg's  famous 1960's bass sound from "soixante neuf". Not quite, but I got a good 60's bass sound nonetheless). Also, there is a 60's-motown, "chank", stratocaster, guitar part (through my new Fender Super Champ XD tube amp – LOVE this amp! I should have tried the bass through it...), a symphobia string section and Akoustik Piano (the Boesendorfer-with UAD LA2A compression and Pultec Pro EQ).
    I'd seen the videos of the Wall Street protesters getting stomped by the Bankers' NY security forces and sensed again, that the forces of social change are finally beginning to ramp in this country. So LITTLE has been heard in this country in the way of protest despite ten years of astonishing malfeasance and mismanagement by the corporate and political leadership, even as a nascent security state takes hold in "the land of the free™".
But things have to get "that bad" before change ever occurs. ("mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed"-T Jefferson)

the full moon's rising in my head
the full moon's rising in my head
surprising  still rising
into a brand new day (so i can't be dead)
The whole world's drowning in my brain
the whole world's drowning in my brain
i'm praying
just saying…
Everything must change

the old world died this morning
but the new one's straight ahead

with the moon up above and the stars in my eyes
i've gone long past the time…
that i might have quickly claimed the prize
but with the sun up overhead & my heart open wide

i'm still happy to find
I'm still hypnotized

this old world's drowning in its pain
and nothing will ever be the same
say goodbye-but don't cry
because it can't remain 

why are there shadows in the valley?
why cant our love hold back the rain?
We must try, i know why…
we got nothing left to lose and almost everything to gain

We walked away from waiting with a pocketful of pain….    

and the moon in our heads and the stars in our eyes
we've gone long past the time… we might have claimed the prize
but with the sun up overhead & our hearts open wide
we'll be happy to find 
that we're still hypnotized
we're still hypnotized
It's never ending, never beginning
we're still hypnotized  (by Life)

We have a long, hard road ahead of us as a country, but like the man said: "Things are going to CHANGE. They are not going to END."


  1. nice! I'm glad I found this in a comment on the post "The Rebellion Has Arrived in America".

  2. hey thanks, I like ZH as well....
    but then I've always been drawn to the story behind the story....